• Where is Snake River Star Jumpers located?
    1. We are on the corner of NW 8th Ave. & NW 8th St., centered between the Ontario Senior Citizens' Center, Malheur County Fairgrounds, and Beck-Kiwanis Park.​​
    2. The physical address is:
      • 720 NW 8th Ave, Ontario, Or 97914


  • What should students wear to class?
    1. Form-fitted clothing & spandex
    2. Leotards and Under Armour are king!
    3. Loose, baggy, or even regular t-shirts can & will be problematic for multiple reasons.


  • Do parents need to be present?
    1. Not a requirement. Your kids are in good hands.
    2. Parents will be notified immediately in the event of an emergency.


  • Can parents watch?
    1. Absoultely! Gymnastics is a spectator sport and we love an audience!
    2. Parents & siblings are asked to remove shoes prior to entering gymnastic areas of the facility.


  • Are shoes allowed?
    1. Only designated "tumbling shoes" are allowed, and only during specific activities.
    2. Good examples include but are not limited to wrestling shoes and cheer shoes.
    3. Tramp socks are another option.