Nick Cannonball Carter

Welcome to the world of gymnastics, where passion and dedication meet athleticism and fun. I'm Nick Cannonball Carter, the proud owner and head coach of the Snake River Star Jumpers, a place where dreams take flight and athletes of all ages and skill levels discover the magic of power tumbling.

**A Diverse Athletic Journey**

My journey into the world of gymnastics was far from typical. As a child, I immersed myself in a myriad of sports, from baseball and soccer to roller hockey and chess. However, it was men's artistic gymnastics that truly captured my heart. I competed for three years and discovered that gymnastics was more than just a sport; it was a transformative experience. Gymnastics made me stronger, faster, and more agile than my peers, while also instilling in me qualities like focus, determination, and precision—essential attributes for any athlete.

**Coaching Under the Best**

My coaching journey was shaped under the guidance of two incredible figures: Kathy Valdez, a former U.S. champion power tumbler, and Jen Wright, a former Jamaican Olympian. With a combined experience of over 120 years in gymnastics, they molded me into a top-notch recreational coach with a deep proficiency in the fundamentals of power tumbling. Their expertise and passion for gymnastics were contagious, and I soaked up every bit of knowledge they shared.

**The "Back Handspring Whisperer"**

I've earned a reputation as "The Back Handspring Whisperer." It's not just a catchy title; it's a testament to my commitment to helping young athletes conquer their fears and achieve their gymnastic goals. I've witnessed kids master back handsprings in as little as one class period, a testament to the power of proper coaching and unwavering belief in my students.

**From Beginners to Experts**

I don't just stop at beginners. My coaching expertise extends to intermediate and expert-level power tumbling, including coaching college-level athletes. For two years, I worked as a private tumbling coach for college, high school, and middle school cheer squads. I've also worked one-on-one with gymnasts, power tumblers, dancers, ninja warriors, wrestlers, martial artists, and volleyball players, helping them reach new heights in their respective disciplines.

**Turning Passion into Profession**

I consider myself incredibly fortunate because my work doesn't feel like a job—it's a passion. As a club owner, I was able to leave my previous career as a mechanic, where I was building and maintaining wildland fire trucks. Now, I can dedicate 100% of my time and energy to my club and my students.

**Advocating for Young Athletes**

My mission in creating the Snake River Star Jumpers was to provide kids with a safe and nurturing environment to learn and grow on their athletic journey. I'm not just a coach; I'm an advocate for young athletes, helping them mature into confident and capable young adults through the transformative power of gymnastics.

Join me at Snake River Star Jumpers, where we don't just tumble; we soar. I look forward to helping you or your child embark on an incredible gymnastic adventure filled with growth, achievement, and, of course, a lot of fun!

Let's reach new heights together!